Virginia Bodman












Works from this series were shown at:


16.06.2000 - 30.07.2000

Gymnasium Gallery

Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland


and toured to


Vardy Gallery

Sunderland, Tyne and Wear

08.08.200 - 25.08.2000


Wysing Arts Centre Gallery

Bourne, Cambridgeshire



Working with the nuances and peculiarities of the natural environment I made a series of rubbings and prints taken directly from the landscape. Begun on the tidal shoreline of the River Tweed, in rural Wiltshire and County Durham, these large drawings seek to combine the authenticity of site with a reflective studio-based response to place; the resulting forms resonate with a variety of references to fauna, flora and the domestic arts.

Also see:

The Berwick Gymnasium Fellowships: an Archival Record, ed. Judith King (2009) Sunderland: Art Editions North

ISBN 978 0 9557478 1 6

between: drawing from the landscape. Tomkins, R.  McKay, C. Kingston, A. and Jeffrey, I. (2000) Newcastle-upon-Tyne: English Heritage

ISBN 1 850747830

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