Virginia Bodman







Paintings from this series were shown at:

Full Volume

Globe Gallery, Newcastle

25.11.2006 - 13.1.2007

See catalogue:

Home Ground: Paintings and Drawings by Virginia Bodman, Angela Kingston (ed) with essays by Rosemary Betterton, Stella Beddoe and Tony Godfrey, 2007: Art Editions North

ISBN 978-1-873757-81-9

The paintings shown in Full Volume establish dialogues between the natural world and the domestic interior, between memory and presence, desire and reality. They make reference to an eclectic range of visual sources that include heraldry, elaborate and arcane furnishings and carry-home objects from the natural world. Ideas and images from different times and spaces elide and form alliances.

I am always excited by the act and means of painting – the rhythm and scale of marks, the colour and physicality of the paint. Many of the works are large – they surround the viewer with colour and stuff – and offer (I hope) a world of sensation, pleasure and mystery.

Virginia Bodman, 2006

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