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These over-drawings on exhibition posters (remaining from Strong Meat, Morley Gallery, London, 1995), are in part a response to the current economic climate and the need to make low-cost/no-cost work. They make use of ideas from a group of concurrent painting, (Costume Drama), and playfully reconsider the formal and narrative possibilities of the work illustrated on the poster.

The notion of reprise emerged as the drawings began to form large groups/installations. The presence of the work and the excitement of the increasing scale informed the formal and narrative content of  further drawings.  Review, the third work in the series, (shown in several configurations on this web page), has the potential, as do the others, to be reconfigured for particular spaces/places. Increasingly sculptural in form, Review also contains imagery relating to a visit to Victor Passmore's Apollo Pavillion at Peterlee. 

The reconsideration/reprise of previous ideas in tandem with ongoing and perhaps ephemeral concerns is of continuing interest, (see 48 Watercolours below).


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