Virginia Bodman














Works from this series were shown at:


Rome Scholars 1980 -1990, Royal College of Art, London

Arts 84,  Festival Exhibition, University of Durham, Durham

Made in Rome, (works on paper), 1983, Midland Arts Centre, Birmingham

Paintings from Rome, 1983, The Concourse Gallery, Birmingham

12 Artisti Britannici A Roma, 1983, Palazzo Barberini, Roma

Mostra 1983, Accademia Britannica, Roma

Artists From The R.C.A., 1983, Visitors Gallery, Stock Exchange, London

Artisti di Quattro Accademie Straniere in Roma,1983, Museo D'Arte Moderne, Roma

Mostra 1982, Accademia Britannica, Roma

And Print, 1982, Waterloo Gallery, London


Also see:

Rome Scholars 1980-1990, Packer, W (1990) London: The British School at Rome

12 Artisti Britannici, Sangiorgi, G (1983) Ente Premi: Roma

Artisti di Quattro Accademie Straniere in Roma, Durbe, D (1982) De Luca Editore: Roma

Mostra 1982, (exhibition catalogue) (1982) Accademia Britannica: Roma

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