Virginia Bodman







Works from this series were shown at:

H.ART, The Drawing Gallery, Leintwardine, Shropshire

Domestic Bliss investigated and reflected on traditional and contemporary aspects of ‘the domestic’. Pictorial spaces alluding to domestic interiors were ‘tested out’ in the drawings, collages and prints and combined in the paintings with references drawn from literary and visual sources; to depict and critique the notion of ‘home’.

Making reference to The Yellow Wallpaper, by Charlotte Gilman Perkins, (1892) Spode Italianware, heraldry and domestic paraphernalia; the paintings and works on paper suggest that the domestic, whilst seeming benign and a place of safety and reverie, can also be the site of obsession and repression.

Ideas and pictorial form evolved concurrently; changes of scale, high-key colour and extremely physical paint handling elide to produce seemingly decorative, almost flat paintings on canvas and works on paper. Oblique references to the damaged or incomplete and to pictorial spaces that are not places of respite are also a feature of the work, as is the exotic otherness of Spode Italianware in collision with more mundane patterns resulting in works that make the domestic alluring; the alert however, may recognise that homely charm can conceal something more alarming.

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