Virginia Bodman














Works from this series were shown at:

Mothers,1991, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham and tour

.Also see:

Border Country, (essay), between: drawing from the landscape. Tomkins, R (2000) Newcastle-upon-Tyne: English Heritage

ISBN 1 85074 783 0

The “Natural”, the Monstrous and the Medical, Visual Representations of Pregnant Women and Pregnancy in British Art  c.1986-1996   Tomkins, R (1998)  M.Phil thesis, University of East Anglia, Norwich

Images Of Pregnancy And Birth In The Visual Arts. Soldini, P (1993) MA Dissertation, University of Sussex

Mothers, (exhibition catalogue), Kingston, A. (ed) (1990) Birmingham: Ikon Gallery

ISBN 0 907594 31 X

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